Monday, 18 September 2017

- 35 - Every Day

David Levithan


young adult, novel, romance

394 pages [German Edition]
322 pages [English Edition]

I inhaled this book. I ate this book. I climbed into this book. I LIVED in this book for two days. If you think about reading ‘Every Day’ be well aware of the fact that the same could happen to you! xD


Every day, ‘A’ wakes up in a different body, lives a different life with different family and friends, different schools and jobs-
-and every evening he has to leave again.
G E R M A N   C O V E R

‘A’ has arranged himself with his special way of living. He made rules and learned how to get along with no one really knowing him as a person. 

One day, he falls in love with Rhiannon, the boy’s girlfriend in whose body he lives in for a day.
Even after changing the body he can’t forget her and he decides to break all his rules for staying in touch with that special girl.

Is a steady relationship possible with one of the partners changing his body every day?!
Will Rhiannon even believe ‘A’s’ crazy story?!

My Review

I am not a big fan of romance books… 
… I decided to read this book nonetheless because the plot seemed very interesting and fascinating to me and not like the plot of an ‘ordinary’ romance book and because I currently want to leave the genres I always read in order to ‘discover’ new ones. :3

In addition to that, I had already read another book of ‘David Levithan’ in the past and that one really touched me.

I wake up thinking of yesterday. The joy is in remembering; the pain is in knowing it was yesterday.

As I already mentioned at the beginning of this review, I read this book in one sitting. I just couldn’t get myself to putting it aside. It is very captivating and you, as the reader, HAVE to know how A’s story continues!

The core of this book isn’t finding answers to why A’s life is like it is. This is a fact the reader AND the protagonist himself just have to accept.

‘Every day’ actually is a quiet, philosophical book that treats topics like what really makes you fall in love with a person, who we as humans are, what really defines us and much more. The reader feels with A and hopes that he and Rhiannon have a future with each other in sight!

I myself thought a lot about what it would mean for ME to wake up in a different body every day and if you can fall in love with a person without taking account of his appearance at all.

David Levithan keeps this book’s language short and simple.
It seemed to me like he didn’t want to make his books seem more “intelligent” or “philosophical” by burying the reader under a pile of complicated, technical terms. He decided on writing how things really are in a short, capturing way instead.

The last thing I want to say about this book might the best thing about it.
‘A’ wakes up in a different body every day. All the persons he ‘visits’ are about the same age but except for that all of them are completely different.

Gender, sexuality, illnesses, family issues, depression, being drug addict, all those things are shown out of the perspective of the person effected. Especially the fact that ‘A’ has not sex and that he doesn’t understand why love is supposed to be bound to a certain gender is very interesting!

All those mentioned aspects aren’t the main problem of this book.
They don’t seem like being put in it in order to make it seem more “intelligent” or “educational”. The main topic of ‘Every Day’ is ‘A’s’ love to Rhiannon and nothing more.

But especially the fact that all those things only are mentioned shortly and aren’t put in the main focus of the book make them seem more normal and that’s why especially touching.

Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen.

Recommendation and Stuff

I would recommend you to read this book if you search for something to make you think and not if you want to read something filled until the edge with action and suspense.

You should only read this book if you are in the mood for something like that and if you have enough time for it because you probably are going to want to read it as fast as I did and because you should probably take some time for thinking about it on your own.

[I read some other reviews on this book on the internet and literally every single one of them said that they had to read ‘Every Day’ in one sitting; irrespective of whether or not they liked it in the end.]

There is a second part of this book in which the same story is described out of Rhiannon’s perspective… I am not sure if I am going to read it, or not; but if I finally decide to do so, I will definitely review it on here. :D

In general I really want to read another of David Levithan’s books because I was pleasantly surprised by every single book of his I read so far. :3

Virtual Hugs,

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