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Hello everyone. :D

So, here it is. My 'About Me-Page'...
I have to admit that this always is the page I enjoy visiting the most when I discover new blogs...
I love learning something about the face behind the blog! :D
To be honest, the 'About Page' often is one of the main reasons for me to come back to a blog again or not...

Soooo, I am  not under pressure to write good, informative, creative content which makes you guys want to stay on this page now... *cough*
but please enjoy this page anyway and come back to my blog again if you like:

My name is leonie, I am an eighteen-year-old college student and this is my blog.

I am obsessed with books, movies, series, iced tea, fluffy, nerdy stuff, cats, music, cooking and much more things.

On this blog I want to share some of these obsessions with you guys. ^^

My favourite genres are fantasy, young adult, fiction, mystery and sometimes crime, or detective. But I nearly read every genre if the content seems so be good.
*The only genre I never ever read a book of watch a film about is horror. I am not brave enough for surviving these kinds of things without having to hide under my blanket*

I am from Germany and therefore not a native English speaker… 
I am sorry for every mistake I make. Just ignore them or, even better, tell me about them so that I can correct them. xD

Thanks for visiting; I am very glad that you are here. 
I hope that you like reading what I publish. It would be great to give you some advice on what to read or watch next or to just entertain you a little bit. :D


I would love to communicate with all of you who read this so, no matter how ‘stupid’ or random it is, please contact me by writing a comment, or if you don’t like writing comments *like I myself do* by sending an e-mail directly to me. :D

I would be very glad to meet some new people to chat about books, films, news, just everything that comes to your and my mind.

There is one last thing I want to stress, because it is very important to me…
My whole blog doesn’t contain any spoilers, so you can read it without having to fear being spoiled. :D

As you might have realised, I use these: ‘**’ to border my personal thoughts and things I want to add to a post, that don’t have anything to do with its actual topic.
A friend of mine says that I shouldn’t do this because this normally is used to mark the stage directions, but I just can’t use round brackets. 

I hate them! 

I don’t know why, but I can’t get me to use them because they just are way too ugly. *Honestly, you won’t find brackets in any text written by me, not in school, not for my private usage, not on this blog, nowhere!*

Squared brackets are okay for me to use, I actually really like them, but the round ones… ugly! #weird

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