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- 41 - Stranger Things [Season 2]

Actors you might know:
*literally all the actors from the first season*
*but apart from that, I didn’t know anyone*


Series, Mystery, Sci-Fi


Episode duration:
40-60 min

This is the review of the second season of this show. If you are interested, feel free to read my review of the previous season first. It is linked HERE. xD

I was and still am hyped about this show!
It is so incredibly good that I had to binge-watch it even though I don’t normally do that. :3


The second season is set one year after the last one ended. [Again, if you are interested in its summary, click HERE to be transferred to the one I wrote.]

The four friends Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will try to live a normal live and to forget the horrible happenings of last year.

The boys however are reminded of it more often than they would like to be. Will regularly is shook by mysterious panic attacks where he finds himself in the upside-down facing a horrible creature all on his own and Mike is still missing his friend ‘eleven’ so badly, that he tries to call her every night on his walkie-talkie.

Soon, Will’s panic attacks are getting more frequent and mysterious things start happening in the boy’s hometown Hawkins again.

Might Will’s visions of a gigantic monster attacking the town be true? Will they be able to defend themselves against such a powerful opponent?
And, even more important, where the heck is ‘eleven’?!

My Review

I had very high expectations ON and a very big fear OF this second season not being as good as the first one. My expectations were more than fulfilled and my fears were smashed into tiny, little pieces.

First of all [this always is very important to me], this season does not seem to only be made for the money; it seems to be made because it makes sense for the plot. I actually really enjoyed it from the very beginning.

In my first season’s review I talked about the lovely and adorable characters of this show for an inacceptable big amount of time. That’s why I am going to keep this part as short as possible in this review. xD

The main and the side characters still are as amazing as they were in the first season. They all grew up a bit and are different from how they were a year ago, BUT the change they went though is realistic; not too much and not too little.

Some new characters are added to the already known ones from first season.
I was very suspicious and uncertain when I first hear about this, but now I can say, that these new characters fit in really well and that I didn’t mind them at all.

The plot of ‘Stranger Things – Season 2’ is very good: thrilling, exciting, addicting, …
For me, it was just as good, maybe even slightly better than the first one’s! :D

A thing that I need to mention at least on a quick note is the fact, that of course ‘Stranger Things’ is a bit scary from time to time. It is nothing that can’t be endured, believe me, but if you can’t stand creepy stuff on any level, this series probably isn’t the right thing for you… [Nothing to worry about, there are countless series that might be the right thing for you <3]

The ending is very good.
I have to admit that I cried several times during the last episodes. Not necessarily because it is a sad and horrible ending, but more because it was so moving and overwhelming.

Recommendation & Stuff

I would definitely recommend you to watch this series if you search for:
a bit suspense, adorable characters, incredibly good actors, supernatural abilities and a bit of drama and romance. 

It would probably be better to watch the first season first, but if you don’t want to do so, you could also start with this one, I guess. 

A third season already is confirmed.
The release date is not out yet, but I would guess that is going to be a bit more than a year again.

👾-> More than enough time for YOU to watch the first two seasons! 👾

Some time ago, I renamed this part of my reviews to ‘Recommendation AND STUFF’.
I now, am going to make use of the ‘and stuff’-part. xD

There currently is a little bit of an online storm around Finn Wolfhard, the actor of Mike. Apparently, some fans waited outside of his hotel for him to return. When he saw them, he didn’t stop to take pictures with them, but he immediately went to his room.

These fans then wrote hate messages to him on social media later. He himself and a lot of other actors reacted to this hate by saying, that everyone needs some privacy from time to time and only the fact that you are an actor doesn’t make you having to spend time with your fans all the time.

I just wanted to use this example as a reminder to all of us, that we need to respect people’s privacy; Also, or especially when, people are famous and decide to share a lot of their lives online with us. NOONE has the right to camp outside of the hotel room of a 14 year-old and then expect him to take pictures with you.

Sorry for this off-topic-rant, but I needed to get this off my chest. xDD

The internet is a very lovely place that I really like going to, but it also has its negative sides that we, as its users, should be more aware of…

If you want a save place to go to on the internet without hate and drama, I will tell you secret one :

There is a certain blog talking about books and series and stuff…
… it is called 'lelo.loves.books' and it is run by an extremely attractive and professional blogger… not...

WoW, I am sorry for that, I don’t know where that came from. I understand every single one of you who leaves and never returns after this disgusting self-promotion. xDDDD

Anyways, thanks for being here and maybe returning soon.

Virtual hugs,

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

- 40 - A Herring Without Mustard

Flavia De Luce #3

Alan Bradley


Detective Story, Mysterie, Children

399 pages [English Edition]
352 pages [German Edition]

I have been absent on here for some time. First I was very sick and I couldn't leave my bed for three weeks and then school was killing me. Now I am back and I am currently watching incredibly many good series and reading an awful lot of really, really good books! I am looking so forward to sharing all this with you! :D
So, after this short personal note, back to the actual review! <3


This is the third book of the ‘Flavia De Luce’ book series.
I already wrote reviews for the FIRST and the SECOND book on my blog. Feel free to read them first, but it also won’t kill anyone if you don’t do so and start with this one. :D


England in the 1950s

11 year-old Flavia de Luce visits her home town’s small annual fair together with her family. Some hours after being told her future by an old mysterious Gypsy woman, the exact same old lady is found severely injured in her small caravan.

Because the police are clueless as always, Flavia feels compelled to solve the case herself.
Her old bicycle Gladys and her love for chemistry are just as essential for doing so as her passion for poisons.

Soon, other corpses are found and the situation seems to be getting more dangerous and shady with every page you turn.

My Review

If you already have read my reviews of the first two ‘Flavia de Luce’ books, this opinion of mine might already seem familiar to you:

The language is amazing and the best and lovely and, and, and
The descriptions of the settings, the involved characters and the ongoing action always are beautiful and with loving attention to detail.

[If you have been following my blog for some time you will already know this:]

I LOVE the English language and everything connected to it; I especially fell in love with Great-Britain. This book-series is very British and that’s why -for me- even more adorable and fascinating.

I read the first two books in German and I am going to read the other ones in German as well because I want to understand every single of the beautiful phrases the author is using. Because of my love for the English-language I swore myself to reread at minimum one of the books in English though! xD

G E R M A N   C O V E R
Now to the actual review of this third book.

The plot is good; Catchy, not boring and different from the ones before.

My reviews of the other two ‘Flavia’-books both contain a very long and detailed talk about the main-character Flavia herself. I didn’t hate her, I just couldn’t really relate to her and she annoyed me a bit. I don’t know why, but in this book she wasn’t annoying at all and I really came to enjoy spending my time with her.

Another thing that annoyed me a lot in the other two books is the horrible relationship of Flavia to her father and her two sisters. This also is on the way of getting better in this book. :D

The very last aspect that I really enjoyed about this book is that the side characters of the other books are mentioned again. If you have read the other books, this will also please you. If you didn’t read the other ones, you still can enjoy 'A Herring Without Mustard'.

The character that I was the happiest about seeing him again was Dogger. He is the 'De Luce's' Butler and the good soul of the house. He is a very wholesome character who silently tiptoes his way into the reader's heart. :D

My father and I both are reading this book-series together.
He prefers this third book from the second one. I actually planned on writing here that I don’t agree with him because both of the books are equally good, but during writing this review I couldn’t help but to agree with him.

Whenever I’m with other people, part of me shrinks a little. Only when I am alone can I fully enjoy my own company.-Flavia de Luce

Recommendation and Stuff

If you have read the first two books, you definitely should read this one as well.
If you haven’t read any of the ‘Flavia de Luce’ books until now, you really should do so! xD

Here’s my suggested reading order: Start with the first one, then read the third one and then the second one. As soon as I have read and reviewed the other books, I will of course update this list. xDD

I have already bought the next book of this adorable series. It is called ‘I Am Half-Sick of Shadows’ and as soon as I finish this one, its review will also be uploaded on here. :D

I would be very glad if you would join me with reading this series. Having other people to exchange with about books, films, series, … always is a nice thing. ^^
If you don’t want to read it, you can just keep reading my reviews which of course I am incredibly thankful for! :D


↘ OHHHHHHH, I nearly forgot something very important  ↙

Bildergebnis für happy halloween nightmare before christmas

👻❤ Happy Halloween to all you lovely people! ❤👻

Sunday, 15 October 2017

- 39 - Snatch

Actors you might know:
Rupert Grint *Ronald Weasley in ‘Harry Potter’*
Ed Westwick *Chuck in ‘Gossip Girl’*


Crime, Comedy


Episode duration:
~ 1 hour

Why I started watching this series you ask?
Well, that question can easily be answered: Rupert Grint 


‘Snatch’ is about a group of small-time crooks that accidently steal a truck-load of gold bullions from one of the biggest drug barons in the area…

… Suddenly, Albert, Charlie and Billy are thrust into the high-stakes of organized crime with a lot of gold at hand that they don’t know what to do with.

My Review

I binge watched this series on summer holidays two month ago and I finally decided to write its review now. :D

‘Snatch’ is a very entertaining, funny, ironic, sarcastic and also a bit stupid series.

It is based on a film of the same title from 2000.
I didn’t know this film when watching the series and I still don’t know it while writing this text.

I read some other people’s reviews however that compare the two ‘Snatches’ with each other:
Most of the people seemed to apotheosise the old film. The series mostly was liked, but not as much loved as the film it is based on. But Again: I can’t have an opinion on that topic because I didn’t come to watch both of these pieces of art until now. xD

As I already mentioned at the beginning of this post, 'Snatch' rather is a comedy then a serious crime-story. It doesn’t take itself and its mostly highly incompetent characters too seriously; it just makes a lot of fun to watch.

Speaking of incompetent characters…
… the actors and the acting is incredibly good! Rupert Grint is a bomb, but also all the other actors are nailing their performances.

The figures they play mostly are those funny people you laugh about, but in the end who you also pity. They aren’t deep or special individuals; they are “normal” small-time crooks that try to come to rich and fortune. All the characters are extremely likable nonetheless and you really feel with them!

Due to the already given fact that you come to like most of this series’ characters, you will probably enjoy its ending. It isn’t a stereotypical “happy end” but it also isn’t as horrible as you could have expected it to be from such an ironic series. xD

In my opinion, ‘Snatch’ is one of the better new series out there and it definitely is worth watching.
You will most likely find yourself watching it very fast once you start it; and when you are finished you will probably crave for more.

In my eyes the ending is veeeery good and it just leaves you sitting in front of your TV with a big grin on your face.

I can’t even say why, but even several days after finishing this show I still happily had to think of it from time to time. :D

Recommendation and Stuff

I would recommend you to watch this series if you search for something light to make you laugh which still isn’t too “flat” or boring.

If you decide to watch ‘Snatch’, I promise you, that you will want more of it after its last episode…
… Well, your [and my] wish is going to be satisfied because a second season already is confirmed. :D

↘ I linked the first season's Trailer down here in case I intrigued you:  ↙

I hope you enjoyed reading this review,
Thanks for clicking