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- 32 - Valerian

Actors You Might Know:
Dane De Haan *in ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ as Green Goblin*
Cara Delevingne *British model and in ‘Suicide Squad’ as Enchantress*
asdfghjkl… RIHANNA… !?!?!?!


Running Time
2h 17min

Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Adventure


‘Valerian’ takes places in the future. The main-characters are the special operatives Valerian and Laureline who have the task of maintaining order through human territory in space.

One day the two of them are sent to the city of Alpha.
In this ever-growing town millions of different species live peacefully together and share their intelligence, knowledge and culture with each other.

Now, it is threatened by a mysterious dark force in its very centre that spreads more and more each day. Everyone who has been sent there until now has never returned… 
… Valerian and Laurelie hopefully are more successful.

My Review

The strength of this film isn’t its plot.
It is very predictable and you already know what is going to happen in the end after watching the first half hour of it.

The strength of this film however, are many other things: xD

The universe ‘Valerian’ takes place in is very variegated and lovely. The way the millions of species live besides and with each other is peaceful, but still seems to be realistic.

I already said at the top that the ending of this film is very predictable… but it still is very good!
It is so pure and it made me as the spectator feel very happy and grateful for watching the film. :D

The main-characters of this film are the best!!!

First, I only want to talk about Laurelie. 
She is not the stereotypical assistant, who is allowed to be pretty, secretly be in love with the hero and be saved by him in the end but nothing more. She has her own opinions, she does what she thinks is right and [I don’t mean to imply that the actress isn’t pretty or anything *because she obviously is!!!*, but…] she doesn’t look perfect all the time!
In most of the scenes she is wearing a simple pony-tail or a completely destroyed bun, her clothes are lacerated and she is covered in dirt.
Sometimes this seems to be a bit too much, but most of the time it is perfect.

One time Valerian has to save Laurelie and the other time it is the other way around. I love their friendship and the unconditional love they have for and the trust they have in each other.

Normally I hate unnecessary romances between two characters in science-fiction or fantasy films / books / …. Like, honestly, that’s not what I came for. xD

BUT I ship the heck out of Valerian and Laurelie! I can’t give you a rational, good explanation for this, because there is none, but I literally can’t not find them the cutest couple to ever exist on this planet. xD

Recommendation and Stuff

Everyone who wants to watch a very good fantasy, science-fiction film with amazing animations and a lovely plot with amazing characters and trillions of new species to discover and who doesn’t mind the film being a bit predictable and not 100% thrilling all the time,
Watch it! <3

I realised that in most of my recent posts I used the ‘My Recommendation’-part not only for giving a recommendation but also for sharing some general thoughts or things I found interesting about the reviewed book or film [and useless facts no one cares about that I found out about because I spend too much time on the internt] with you… so I decided to make this a thing and ‘officially’ call it ‘Recommendation and stuff‘

The only thing I find worth mentioning about ‘Valerian’ is, that Cara Delevingne who plays the role of Laurelie originally wasn’t an actress, but a model. …That’s why she is so pretty… xDDDDDD
No, but without kidding; she is a very good actress as well, she should definitely keep doing it! :D

I stalked her a bit. Read some interviews, stalked her on Instagram… She is incredibly cool! She seems to be a very likeable and strong person. I officially am in love with her! <3

The very last thing I want to say about ‘Valerian’ is that it is based on a French comic. I don’t know the comic, so I can’t compare the film to its original.

As always, thank you very much for taking your time to read my silly opinion on this film,
*Hopefully* until next time

Hugs, Leonie

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