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- 21 - Dunkelmagierin

-first book of 'Der Graue Orden'

Arthur Philipp


Fantasy, YA, novel

571 pages [German edition]

I was sent this book as a reviewer’s copy some weeks ago, so thanks a lot to the ‘Randomhouse’-team. :D

! Warning: This is a German book and it isn’t translated into any other languages [yet] ! 
Maybe *hopefully* you are interested in hearing something about it anyways.

I actually decided to read this book because of its lovely cover and not because of its content at first. xD
So, hopefully after reading this review you will be able to rate ‘Die Dunkelmagierin’ on basis of more important criteria. [like its content for example xDDD]
So, let’s start with this review, I hope you’ll enjoy it. :D


At the beginning of the book the reader gets to know a girl named Feja.
She is on her way to Braake, a big seaport, where she hopes to meet her father.

Her father is nowhere to be found and instead, the girl meets a man who is a mage.
Soon this mage finds out that Feja also has an amazing talent for conjuring.
Because of that the girl becomes a member of the mans order, the ‘grey mages’.
Before she can really get used to her new and better life, bad things begin to happen. Feja is told that she is more powerful than any of the other mages and that she can prevent the dark future which awaits humanity from happening.

But is the path of twilight and crepuscule her masters propose really the only way to do so? Who can she even trust? Or is it true that her fate is already settled and that she will bring death over mankind no matter what?


Sooo, this review is a bit ‘special’…
I didn’t enjoy reading the first 500 pages of this book; but the last seventy pages actually were pretty good. Because of that I also want to ‘divide’ this review into two parts. :D

PAGES 1-500
So, where do I begin here?

Firstly, I didn’t really like Feja.
She is very stubborn, she never really thinks through the things she is doing and she is influenced by others a lot without realizing it. The reader however knows her being tricked the entire time and that’s why this is even more annoying.

Sometimes I literally was screaming at my book that she shouldn’t be doing what she was about to
do but Feja never listened to me. xD

Not liking a books / series’ main character always is a bad thing because that character is the most important one and that’s why it appears in nearly every single chapter / episode… :o

Secondly, there is a romance between Feja and one of the order’s brothers which I find very annoying.
This relationship came out of nowhere and there is no explanation for it. In one moment the reader doesn’t really know that she has feelings for him and in the next moment the two of them are already making out.

For my liking the romance should have been explained more or it should have been omitted completely.

PAGES 500-579
During these pages Feja begins to change.
I don’t want to reveal too much, but at least some of her negative characteristics vanish. :D

In addition to that there is a lot of action during these pages.

I can’t really say that the rest of the book was boring, or that nothing happened… BUT
I think that earlier the ‘wrong’ things were described too detailed and the things I would have been interested in hearing more about [like Fejas actual training to becoming a mage] were described too shortly.

I don’t want to pretend that everything was perfect in this second part of the book, because it wasn’t.

There was a fight between two mages which I personally found very unrealistic, predictable and not as big as it would have been appropriated…

I also didn’t really like

The author’s writing style is okay.
It’s not outstandingly good but it also isn’t bad.

A thing which made reading this book a bit more complicated for me are the tons of new magic-words AND the tons of extraordinary names the reader has to remember.

Now that I have finished the book I know most of the names but while reading it I was veeeeeery confused and I didn’t know what was going on very often. xD

Another thing which made reading ‘Die Dunkelmagierin’ harder for me was the layout. The chapters are too long for my liking.
Some of the bigger paragraphs in between the chapters should have been the beginning of a new one in my opinion.

To sum up I have to say that this book displays many defects, BUT IF the second book is as good as the end of this one it is worth reading anyways…

…so to finally rate this book I have to await reading the next one. :D

My Recommendation

To being able to give you a perfect recommendation whether to read or not to read this book I also have to wait until I have read the next one…

I would recommend you to wait with buying this book until I have read [and reviewed] the second one too.
Just pick another book of your ‘to be read’-list and read it first. :D

Soooo, as always.
Thanks for reading my review.
Let me know if you agree or disagree with me.


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