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- 14 - Stranger Things

Actors you might know:
*Honestly, I didn’t know any of the actors, but I hardly know any actors or celebrities at all, so this doesn’t have to mean anything. *
*Well, I googled the cast now, and I think that the actors actually really aren’t famous. 
This one seems to be the most well-known:*

David Harbour *Dexter Tolliver, ‘Suicide Squad’*


Series, Mystery, Sci-Fi


Episode duration:
40-55 min


'The campaign took 2 weeks to plan! How was I supposed to know it was going to take 10 hours?'

A friend of mine really liked this series and she wanted to see it again anyways, so we watched the first six episodes together, in one night, during the week, with school on the next day and many undone homework… #priorities #responiblestudent #not.

She forced me into watching ‘Stranger Things’ in the night-time with all the lights turned off.
So whenever I write that this series is creepy in this review you have to consider that I am very, very big coward and that I had to watch it under creepy circumstances. 
I think that this series has some scary moments but it definitely can be watched without being terrified every single minute. xD


At the beginning of the series the audience gets to know the four best friends Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will.
These four twelve-year-old kids all are nerdy and in love with science and playing ‘Dungeons and Dragons’.

One day, Will disappears.
The police desperately try to find the boy. 

While searching for their lost friend alone Mike, Dustin and Lucas find a lonely girl who calls herself ‘eleven’ because of an 11 which is tattooed on her arm. 

The girl rarely talks and she is afraid of ‘bad men’ who are chasing her.
Mike offers her to stay at his house and she accepts.

Will still is nowhere to be found and after a while more people disappear and other mysterious things start to happen in the small hometown of the friends.

After some days the boys find out that el *short for eleven xD* is able to use telekinesis. 
In addition to that she says that Will still is alive and that she knows how to find him. 

Can the little girl help the friends? Can she even be trusted?

'We never would’ve upset you if we knew you had superpowers.'


I just loved this series.
It is so good I can’t really think of anything negative to say about it. :D

If I would have to say something negative, I would say that it is a bit scary from time to time.
*but as I already mentioned you can’t really take this criticism too seriously*

I loved the main characters, that it took place in the past, the plot, the secondary characters… just everything.

The main characters:
What can I say, I am so incredibly in love with Dustin and Eleven I can’t put it in words. <3

Dustin is the good soul of the group. He keeps all the friends together and his comments about food and being hungry are the best. xD 
He just is incredibly pure and cute and adorable and lovely and … [I could continue like this for hours. xD]
In addition to his nice character he is lisping, a thing I like very, very much among children.

Eleven however is incredibly powerful and her abilities just are amazing.
At once she is so small and cute I always want to hug her and protect her from all the bad that exist on this planet. ^^

In addition to that the actress is so cool. Actually the whole ‘Stranger Things’ cast seems to be pretty cool. I spent the last few days watching interviews with all of them on YouTube and now I feel I like I would know them personally. xD

The time:
The series takes place in 1983.

I love the old phones, the bikes, the old computers, their style of clothing, the hairstyles, just everything about it! * ___ *

The Plot:
I don’t want to spoil you, so the following might be a bit vague from time to time. 

*I already promised that I would never ever spoil anything on this blog on my ‘About’ site, so you can surf my whole blog without having to fear being spoiled. xD* 

The different characters of this series act in small groups seperately from each other so the audience finds out the different pieces of information from different people, which I personally find very cool and diversified.

A thing I really, really, really like is when these different groups unite at the end and work all together against the evil. 

Exactly this happens during the last episode of ‘Stranger Things’, so how could I not love it?!
I just always find it heart-warming when all the people I learned to love over the last bunch of episodes work together as a team at the end. :D

Another thing I love about this series is the amount of episodes… There only are eight of them.
I really don’t have anything against long series in general but I just find it relaxing to watch some series that aren’t so long / don’t consist of that many episodes from time to time. ^^

The secondary characters:
I would just bore you, naming all the people I like…
Honestly, there nearly is no one I don’t like. xD

Mike’s sister Nancy is together with a boy she dated during the series and I really like them because they are a very cute couple in my eyes. *This isn’t a spoiler because she dated two guys and I didn’t tell you with which one of them she is together at the end. :D*

Another character I and all the other members of the ‘Stranger Things’ Fandom really like is Barb.
She is Nancy’s best friend and one of the nicest people you could ever imagine. 

In addition to that I love Will’s mum, the sheriff, Mike, the boy’s teacher Mr. Clarke and so on…

A second negative aspect about this series just came to my mind…
… we have to wait so incredibly long for the second season to be published!!!!!!!

31st October!!!!!

'Friends don't lie.'

My Recommendation

Mhhh, I would recommend this series to…. 

If you like mystery, fantasy, science fiction series with adorable children as the main characters and with a bit tension and some scary moments, watch it.

My live described in one sentence. xD
A friend of mine started watching ‘Stranger Things’ but then he aborted it because he found it boring.
I can’t understand this, but if you are easily bored and you need something thrilling to happen every single episode you maybe shouldn’t watch ‘Stranger Things’… ^^

Ignore this last paragraph. 
I wanted to force the friend I spoke about, who didn’t like ‘Stranger Things’, into continuing it… and while doing so he realized that he never ever actually has watched ‘Stranger Things’ but ‘The Strain’. I seem to have burred a bit, so he mixed up the names…
As if I the biggest coward living on this planet would ever watch a scary series like ‘The Strain’, phh.

But, right now I just wonder how he honestly can say ‘The Strain’ is boring because this series is said to be freaking scary as heck!
Maybe I shouldn’t listen to his opinion on series anymore…

He also was the one who recommended me to watch ‘Mr Robot’ and I actually didn’t really like this one too… only watched season one though. My friend says that the second season is a lot better… 
I am currently writing the first season’s review, so if you don’t know what this series is about, just wait for me to publish that post. xDD

Once I get going I can’t stop chatting about things that don’t have anything to do my with my blog posts actual topic… argh, I need to stop it! :o

I now forced this friend into watching the first episode of ‘Stranger Things’ with me…
He found it boring… so what I wrote at the beginnig is true again and you maybe really shouldn't watch 'Stranger Things' if you need something thrilling to happen every single episode… xD
[back to the rest of the 'My Recommendation' Part now... :D]

The teaser of the second season has already been released. *____*
If I am able to do it, I will directly integrate it in this post. If not, I will just link it HERE. :D

I am so curious about the second season! I can’t wait for it being October! *___*
I hope that I convinced you to watch this awesome series by writing this review.

If I did so, let me know whether you like it too or, if not, why you don’t like it, so that I maybe could add some negative aspects to my review. :D


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