Friday, 23 June 2017

- 26 - The Unexpected Inheritance Of Inspector Chopra

Vaseem Khan

2015 [original]
2017 [German translation]

Crime, Novel

320 Pages [English Edition]
329 pages [German edition]

I was sent this book as a reviewer’s copy, so thanks a lot to the ‘Ulstein Verlag’. :D

I read many, many Fantasy books lately and that’s why I thought that it would be a good idea to read a crime story now. :3
I mainly decided on this book because of its lovely cover. Come on, don’t judge me. Look at it; isn’t it incredibly cute?!


On Inspector Chopra’s last day before going on pension a drowned boy is found.
The new inspector doesn’t want to chase this case any further because, according to him, it was an accident.

That’s why Chopra decides to chase the murderer through the busy streets of Mumbai on his own.
Soon this gets more dangerous than he would have thought and he sees himself confronted with shadows of his past that he already thought to be defeated long time ago.

In addition to this unsolved crime come several other problems:
A little, ill elephant named Ganesha Chopra has to take care of, a weirdly acting wife and overall the everlasting heat of India without a single rain drop in sight

Will the retired inspector be able to deal with all those problems on his own, or will his heart problems finally take their toll?! 


I was super hyped about this book because its cover is so incredibly lovely! *-*
It isn’t just lovely; it also matches this book’s content so well! The used colours make me literally see the old inspector and the baby-elephant walking on the busy streets of Mumbai on their way to finding the murderer. 

These high expectations I had, mostly were fulfilled.

I don’t usually read book that take place in India and that’s why this was interesting for me.
This country seems to be very different from Germany and it’s pretty amusing to compare these two countries.

Inspector Chopra is a nice and lovely main-character.
I love his opinions and the way he sees the world. Later in the book some of his decisions seem to be a bit ‘out-of-character’ which disturbs me a bit; but it’s nothing veeeeery bad. xD

The crime itself also is very good.
The solution is unpredictable and the clues that Chopra finally lead to the murderer are hidden very good.

The already mentioned elephant-baby plays a big role at the end of the book and it contributes a big part to finally solving the crime. I personally find it very cute, BUT it seems to be very unrealistic to me.

The ending of this book is very happy and nice.
I don’t really need a happy end, but in this case I really liked it because I didn’t begrudge Chopra being happy. <3

My Recommendation

Germany currently is rolled over by a heat wave.
This is the perfect surrounding to read this book. If you also currently are sweating out of parts of your body you didn’t know that existed before: read this book xD

This is a light and entertaining crime-novel. It makes you smile every time you pick it up to continue reading. :D

I would recommend you to buy this book if you are looking for a good crime-story and you don’t mind it being a bit unrealistic. ^^

I just found out that there already is a second and a third part of this book… lol
The German Translation of the first book just was published this year. I currently am struggling with myself whether I should wait for the next part to be translated or whether I should buy the English version now.

On the one hand I want to know NOW how Chopra’s story is going to be continued, but on the other hand I always want to support the translated versions… :o

You will see how I finally decided by the post I will publish on my blog. 

As always,
Thanks for dropping by.


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