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- 34 - Game Of Thrones 'Season 7'

Actors you might know:
Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Lena Heaedey


Series, Fantasy


Episode duration:
~ 1 hour


*I wrote a review of the first ‘Game of Thrones’ book some [actually a very long] time ago. I inserted the summary I wrote for that post in the following, so that you know what the series is about in general, if you don't know yet.
If you don't need this piece of information and you only want to read about the content of the seventh season which this review actually is about; you can skip the beginning and only read the part that follows after the quote.*
‘A Game of Thrones’ mainly revolves around the Stark family. 
 This is an old house which has ruled over the north of the seven kingdoms for decades. Now as winter is coming and the Starks are needed most, the head of the family Ned Stark is forced to go south to serve the king. 

In Kings Landing Ned is confronted with intrigues, betrayal and deceitfulness. On top of it there is a lavish, brothel visiting king who ignores the problems of the realm and prefers giving feasts and going on hunts. 

Meanwhile dead men are coming to live again at the protecting wall in the north and ‘the others’ are approaching. The whole Stark family is confronted with lies, secrets, plots and counterplots, treason and fairy tails coming true. Will the Stark family be able to survive these conflicts or will the Lannister family gain the iron throne at the end?

This isn’t about living in harmony. It’s about living.'-Jon Snow

The main focus of the seventh season of this TV series is on the story of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons getting stronger in order to take the throne, while the current queen Cersei is getting weaker.
Between those two dangerous women stands Jon Snow who desperately is trying to convince them that they should all unite and fight against the so-called white walkers together. Because if they don’t do so, there probably won’t be a kingdom left that any of women could rule.

My Review

This season was very surprising, thrilling and just so ‘Game Of Thrones’!

The seventh season has fewer episodes than the ones before, but every episode takes more than an hour, which balances that.
The previous seasons sometimes seemed a bit boring to me because there were several episodes in a row without anything actually happening. 
This wasn’t like that at all during this season. Every episode seems to matter and be important for the ongoing of the plot.

Another very positive aspect of this season for me are the dragons.
I love dragons incredibly much and Daenerys ‘children’ are massive, amazing creatures that occur a lot in this season!

In comparison to the previous seasons the amount of characters dying is very low in this one. There is a single death you never would have expected to happen, but except for that, only ‘unimportant’ characters die. I think this is the calm before the storm.
The inescapable fight between humans and White Walkers is going to be massive, brutal and horrible. The corpses will tower above the Wall I suppose! No one of us could ever be ready for the gigantic storm that is about to come with the next season. 

W H I T E   W A L K E R
Apart from the fact that every character dies, ‘Game Of Thrones’ is well-known for another thing… the incest. xD

There have been very well-known brother and sister that are in a romantic relationship since the very beginning of the show *which I am not going to name here in case that you don’t know them*. In this season there is added a new ‘incest couple’. This kind of was predictable but I was very shocked nonetheless because I didn’t want it to happen! :o
*A very big part of the Fandom is shipping the two mentioned characters even though [or maybe especially because] they are realated! xD*

Recommendation and Stuff

If you watched all [or some of] the previous seasons of this series, you should definitely keep going!
This season is better than the two, or three last ones and it definitely is worth watching.

‘Game Of Thrones’ gained a lot of popularity over the last years and incredibly many people are watching it at the moment! Not only ‘young people’, but also adults. 

I really like this one the one hand but on the other hand I am a bit disturbed to hear my friend’s mum talking about a series I currently am watching. xD
-> So, if you have already watched it, or you plan to do so; maybe ask your parents to join you?! Probably not. xDDDDD

Q U E E N   C E R S E I
Sooo, as always.
Thank you very much for clicking. :D

I tried to keep this review a bit shorter because literally the entire internet is spilling over with ‘Game of Thrones’ memes, blogs, posts, articles, … right now and you all probably are annoyed by it and don’t want to hear anything else about it. xDDD

Hugs, and hopefully see you next time

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